I'm not sure which size to buy! How can I do?

We invite you to consult the page " how do I find my size? ".

I have to give a gift, how can I be sure I will receive the package on time?

Forethought is the best advice in this case! :)

If you find yourself purchasing a gift within ten days of the date, remember that our shipping service maximizes the efficiency of package delivery. Except in extraordinary cases, you should receive it within 24 hours of shipping!

Remember that once you have ordered your jewel, you must consider the days of preparation for it!

If you have any doubts, contact us via email cosmicagioielli@gmail.com or directly on Instagram @cosmicagioielli.

Does the gold plating and polished finish last?

Yes. Gold plating will not be permanent, even the shiny finish of silver can undergo changes due to various substances.

Although all precautions are used to ensure that the jewel lasts cosmic eras, it is necessary to use small precautions and your own common sense:

- Avoid wearing your jewelery while handling chemicals such as detergents, degreasers, ammonia etc.

​- Silver jewelery does not have too many problems if worn at the seaside or in the swimming pool, while gold-plated jewelery could, over time, be affected.

- Use the box in which you will receive the jewel to leave your accessory inside when you are not wearing it. It is best to keep gold-plated jewelery separate.

​- Avoid spraying perfume directly on the jewel.

Does the jewelry you create oxidize/blacken?

Yes, all 925 silver jewelery can acquire a dark color over time (this will not happen with gold-plated jewellery, or at least, not before the plating fades).

External agents such as sweat, or even the PH of our skin can affect the finish of the jewel, and each skin will have a different reaction.

But don't be afraid! The polishing cloth that you will receive for free with each 925 silver jewel will help you make it shiny and shiny again! (For gold plated jewelery this will not be necessary).

Remember that the more silver you wear, the cleaner it will stay!

If I make a mistake in size, can I change it?

Exchanges can only be made if a product that does not conform to the one ordered is received. If the package was damaged and the jewel arrived broken or damaged, only the choice via DHL courier would have insurance coverage.

All orders over €130 have free insured shipping!

However, it is possible to modify the jewel at the customer's expense. Please read our terms and conditions for more information and check the " how do I find my size " page before placing your order.

I would like a completely personalized jewel! It's possible?

Send us your idea by email to cosmicagioielli@gmail.com , we will do everything possible to make it happen and we will send you a no-obligation quote.

For any further clarification we remind you of our contacts:


Instagram @cosmicagioielli

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