The Master Planets

There are 10 Master Planets and they characterize our birth chart. Each zodiac sign has one or more planets that govern it and on which it finds domicile. Here you will find the main aspects as well as the intrinsic energy of each planet!


Master of the Sign of Leo

The light.
Element of Fire, represents the masculine principle and awareness.
The Sun is represented with a dot in the center of a circle. The circle symbolizes eternity, continuous becoming, life.

Bringer of light and heat, we find it representing the heart in our body.
Knowledge, strength, the Sun shows us our place in society and helps us receive the honors we deserve.
If success is what we aspire to, this energy helps to develop the right approach to life, putting aside insecurities and reminding us to believe more in ourselves, with a little pride, why not!

Moon ☽︎

Teacher of the Sign of Cancer

The goddess.
Element of Water, it is the feminine principle and the unconscious.
In its fickleness, it brings change, new journeys. It governs the sphere of illusions, female cycles and the tides.
It represents our emotional life, emotions and our childhood. Its energy allows us to see life in a different perspective, using our instincts and the feminine side within us.
It brings novelty, appointments with new people, its energy is unpredictable and reminds us of the changing nature of situations in our lives. The Moon is the one who regulates our intuition and extrasensory abilities.

Mercury ☿

Master of the Signs of Gemini and Virgo

The messenger.
Mercury is the planet that makes the fastest revolution around the sun.
It represents exchanges, intellect and talent for good business.
Cunning and eloquence, his energy is for people who love to teach, read, learn, who want to continually enrich their knowledge.
Cunning and cunning and also a strong humor, this energy knows the fastest path to glory, sometimes unfairly, so you must be ready to face the consequences.

Venus ♀

Master of the Signs of Taurus and Libra

It itself is the essence of beauty and art, it represents the emotional sphere, sensitivity and naivety.
This energy is attraction and seduction, it helps us understand ourselves better in relationships with others and to love ourselves more.
It is really a great energy for apathetic people, who cannot unlock their feelings and painfully keep everything closed within themselves.
Venus teaches us the love of beautiful things and that we must love life because, after all, it is so beautiful that we cannot do otherwise!

Mars ♂

Master of the Signs of Aries and Scorpio

The force.
Essence of energy, independence. The demonstration that with our willpower we are able to accomplish incredible works and achieve our goals. It is the desire for fulfillment and affirmation of the ego.

It can bring violence and thirst for power, but it all depends on our choices.
We are always free to decide: to use strength and power for good, or to let ourselves be overwhelmed by deception.
This disruptive energy helps us believe in our qualities, in what we are good at, in order to avoid obstacles and achieve our goals.

Jupiter ♃

Master of the Signs of Sagittarius and Pisces

He is order, authority and luck, he is a vital charge oriented towards optimism!

Its energy connects instinct and reason, heart and brain. It leads us to wealth, well-being and encourages generosity, making us open our hearts also to the good of others with luck on our side. The wealth to which this energy can lead us is not only material but can also translate into spiritual and moral wealth.

Saturn ♄

Master of the Signs of Capricorn and Aquarius

The teacher.
It represents sacrifice, deprivation, logic and wisdom.
He is the one who will judge us for what we have done in our lives.

Saturn is the most misunderstood planet for its rational and cold energy. However, he helps to overcome the worst and tragic moments thanks to self-control and logical sense. This powerful energy reminds us of our inner strength that many times we don't know we have and which helps us get back up after a bad fall.
This is why he is considered "the Master": it is above all from negative experiences that we draw the best lessons.

Uranus ♅

Master of the Signs of Aquarius and Capricorn

Uranus represents the present, the bloody separation from the past and from what has hurt us.
It is will, action, it is creating or destroying, sudden choices and the removal of the useless. It is a receptive, conquering energy, ready for the challenge!

Uranus brings fundamental changes, not through luck or fate, but through hard work and commitment. Its energy is excellent for unblocking the mind because it helps intuition and brilliant ideas.

Neptune ♆

Master of the Signs of Pisces and Sagittarius

The Metamorphosis.
Neptune is mysticism, spirituality, the tribulation of the soul that makes its journey through life's obstacles to reach higher knowledge. This energy pushes man to change himself, to change his thoughts, to experiment.
Neptune helps us separate from our ego and open ourselves to unconditional love. It allows us to acquire the sight of another, more spiritual plane, which we cannot perceive with the naked eye.

Pluto ⚘

Master of the Signs of Scorpio and Aries

The rebirth.
This celestial body has always created feelings of fear in human beings. After all, who isn't afraid of changes?
Evolution is a fundamental part of our life and we need to accept the mutations of our soul, especially if they can improve us. Pluto represents rebirth, new life and the best and worst within us: this energy
will allow us to look inside ourselves without being scared by what we might find!

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