Sustainability & Ethics by Cosmica

In a world where it is increasingly necessary to pay attention to what you buy, with our jewels you will make a conscious and correct choice.

Cosmica Gioielli is constantly committed to raising awareness of a more ethical and sustainable movement,

but how?

Our jewelry is forged, for the most part, from recycled precious metals

➤ We collaborate with companies that certify recycled metal and Fair Trade as members of the RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council) chain

➤ We avoid waste: no packaging and plastic wrappers not necessary for the preparation of your package!
➤ We use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified packaging

What does Fair Trade mean?

Fair Trade represents a system of fair trade, whose objective is the development of a sustainable and socially responsible economy.

It is a model attentive to respect for the environment and workers , based on inclusive principles and the contrast of inequalities between the most industrialized states and developing countries.

Very often, in fact, those who are on the front line in the extraction of metals and minerals are subject to exploitation and denial of human rights .

RJC - Responsible Jewelery Council

It is a global non-profit organization that deals with regulations and certification in the diamond and precious metals supply chain. It guarantees sustainability and ethical standards for the companies that are part of their group.

They therefore ensure that the planet's resources are respected and that workers do not suffer abuse and receive adequate compensation.

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

It is a global non-profit organization that has created a forest certification system whose aim is the correct management of forests and the traceability of derived products.
In this way, the resources linked to paper production are respected, nourished and preserved.

Our values


Kindness is the soul of Cosmica Gioielli, reflected in intricate and detailed creations that exude love and attention. We put our heart into our jewelry and make sure it extends to the customer experience, with thoughtful and memorable interactions, while our dedication embraces the community through charitable and sustainable initiatives.

We firmly believe that kindness is the value that can save the world!


Creating connection is the distinctive essence of Cosmica Gioielli. Each jewel contains universal creative energy and reflects the uniqueness of the wearer and celebrates special moments. In addition to the creations, it represents the invitation to join a community sharing passion and elegance:

You will discover that there are so many people with your same heart and your same intentions that you will no longer be able to feel alone!


Our empathy is the ability to deeply understand customers' emotions, desires and personal stories. This value is reflected in the care and attention dedicated to creating jewelery that is more than simple ornaments, and that has emotional and personal meaning for the wearer.

The bond that is created with those who purchase a Cosmica jewel remains strong and unchanged together with the jewel itself!


The expression represents the philosophy that supports the creation and inspiration of each piece. It highlights the importance of allowing the wearer to express their personality without fear of judgment and to feel comfortable at all times.

Just as every star is unique and inimitable, so your essence must shine without any hesitation!


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