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Cosmica Gioielli

Sagittarius / Zodiac Rings

Sagittarius / Zodiac Rings

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22 November - 20 December

Sign of Fire, Masculine, Domicile of Jupiter and Neptune

"The fervor of the temperament of the person born under the sign of Sagittarius derives from his lively need for expansion and externalization. The vital impetus grants him the privilege of a spirit that remains young for a long time, because it is implemented with enthusiasm, activity, the joy of living, the human warmth.His activity is of a muscular, emotional and mental nature for which the routine of habits is not done and for him, who has a continuous need for movement and always renewed interests.

A Sagittarius dreams of going further and further and inventing a new wonderful world, he despises habit and uniformity.

The exaggerated, grandiose, megalomaniacal Sagittarius almost always feels of a superior origin!"


Handmade ring in 925 silver.

Shipping and Timing

Shipping with SDA express courier 24/48 hours. Each jewel is created by hand: the preparation time is approximately 7/10 days.

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