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Cosmica Gioielli

Aquarius / Zodiac Rings

Aquarius / Zodiac Rings

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20 January - 19 February

Air Sign, Masculine, Domicile of Uranus and Saturn

"Since ancient times, the sign of Aquarius was given the meaning of aspiration towards a higher consciousness, towards a rational and humanitarian conquest. Alongside the man of rational and conscious and therefore humble progress, it exists in the individual of this sign , the haughty desire for the increasingly new.

Aquarius is brotherhood, friendship, wisdom that borders on renunciation, idealism, freedom that implies responsibility and sacrifice.

The temperament that reaches Aquarius through all the other signs is ripe for independence. His vital impetus does not spread impulsively in many directions but is concentrated towards a single purpose. Accommodation or concession only serves to irritate his impulse. Free will is placed at the forefront of his absolute needs: he wants to think, act, speak openly without feeling forced by any authority."


Handmade ring in 925 silver.

Shipping and Timing

Shipping with SDA express courier 24/48 hours. Each jewel is created by hand: the preparation time is approximately 7/10 days.

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