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Cosmica Gioielli

Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven

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This series shows a very particular sequence of numbers: if numerology is one of your interests you will know exactly what I'm talking about!
11:11 is a sequence you might see on a digital clock and seeing it is considered a very auspicious sign.

This message was sent to us (some say by guardian angels, some by ourselves) to let us know that we are on the right path, especially if we are undertaking a special activity or project! A bit as if he was telling us "keep going, you can do it!"

Silver is the metal with the strongest electrical conductivity, which is why I decided to use it to carve this magical sequence.

You can also buy it in set with My Moon, at a special price!


925 silver necklace with hand forged pendant.

Necklace length: approximately 45cm

Shipping and Timing

Shipping with SDA express courier 24/48 hours. Each jewel is created by hand: the preparation time is approximately 7/10 days.

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