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Cosmica Gioielli

Gemini / Zodiac Rings

Gemini / Zodiac Rings

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21 May - 21 June

Air Sign, Masculine, Domicile of Mercury

"The two vertical lines of the Gemini symbol do not only mean duality but also conjunction, as they are linked to each other at the top and the base.

We can also see in it the symbol of the number and therefore the tendency of those born in this sign to record everything according to a numerical order, to propose logical formulas, to pigeonhole everything with method. The world of Gemini is composed of numerous distinct particles united in an intellectually justifiable order.

The personality of those born under this sign can be the expression of a double psychology due to the union of two different natures that mix to a greater or lesser extent."


Handmade ring in 925 silver.

Shipping and Timing

Shipping with SDA express courier 24/48 hours. Each jewel is created by hand: the preparation time is approximately 7/10 days.

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