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Cosmica Gioielli

Cancer / Zodiac Rings

Cancer / Zodiac Rings

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22 June - 22 July

Water Sign, Cardinal, Feminine, Domicile of the Moon

"Those born under this sign dream, they take refuge in their past, they live on memories, protected in their family shell, they cling tenaciously to their things and have their own personal rhythm made up of periods of laziness and enthralling enthusiasm.

The sign is dominated by the Moon, the maternal symbol par excellence, associated with fertility, gestation, birth, growth, flows and tides, cults and illusions.

Cancer is the sign of romantic exuberance, imagination, psychic mutability, the prevalence of feeling over reason, contrasts, memories, forebodings, instinctive likes and dislikes, receptivity and sensitivity."


Handmade ring in 925 silver.

Shipping and Timing

Shipping with SDA express courier 24/48 hours. Each jewel is created by hand: the preparation time is approximately 7/10 days.

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